Meet The Trolleys

We are the San Pedro Trolleys! There are 4 of us:

Three are a little older and run on propane, we are completely red and make are a little louder when we go around town. We bring forth the real San Pedro spirit. This is us:


I am Bruno! I’m the coolest Trolley ever: I’m two colors! No way to request a stop when you are travelling with me so make sure to be loud and tell the driver you want to get off (nicely). I always smile, so I hope you are too!


Hi! I’m Bertha. I am the quirky one. Sometimes I decide that a steep hill is not my favorite thing so I make A LOT of noise. Don’t worry, they know now not to send me there! 😀

One is a little newer and runs on gas. He is not all red, he has some green that characterizes him from the others. He might be newer but doesn’t have the stop requester! Bruno is his name, and he just up here.

(424) 335-7262

390 W 7th st.
San Pedro , CA, 90731